The Key to
Excellent Teams

Increase team performance, satisfaction and engagement and identify systematic challenges at an organisational level.

High-performing and healthy teams through data-based team development

The people in a company can never be considered in isolation. Teams are much more the collaborative structure in which true performance takes place. In cooperation with the HFT Stuttgart and the University of St. Gallen, and on the basis of over 100 studies, 12 factors were identified that are relevant for highly productive, satisfied and committed teams.

In just 90 seconds per week, each team member answers validated questions, identifying areas for improvement. The software enables and encourages deeper reflection on collaboration and opens up space for discussions that would not otherwise take place.

12 Factors for Success in Teampact

Based on over 100 scientific studies and cooperation with renowned colleges and universities.

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Commitment to team goals
A sense of duty to the tasks
Shared sense of responsibility for success
Mutual support
Equal distribution of the workload
Mutual appreciation
Frequent, efficient, open and transparent communication
Access to all relevant information
Managing conflicts constructively as a team
Fun & Creativity
Room for creativity and experimentation
Fun at and with the work
Clarity of purpose
Clear definitions of work results
Priorities are defined
Goal-oriented work
Role clarity
Clear distribution of roles and responsibilities
Common understanding of individual and shared responsibilities
Skills & Competencies
Complementary skills and competences in the team
Improvement and development of skills and competences
Learning & Development
Regular reflection
Willingness to develop and improve
Welcoming different opinions and learning from each other
Honest and constructive feedback
Team autonomy
Self-organisation and process autonomy
Autonomous decision making
Team Meaningfulness
The "Why" and the existence of the team
Feeling of connectedness and purposefulness
Reason for team motivation and commitment
Team Effectiveness
The work brings about change and is significant
The work has a positive impact on the Company
A high level of mutual trust
A feeling of security
Sharing ideas openly
Standing up for opinions
Being able to demonstrate vulnerability
Being able to admit mistakes

What Haufe team development software offers

Data collection on cooperation within the teams
Joint reflection and opportunities for further development
Survey, analysis and suggested improvement measures in one tool
Higher performance and satisfaction in teams
Triggers for deep team reflections          
Improving feedback in organisations
HAUFE Teampact software

What sets them apart

The software solution Haufe Teampact makes it possible to record the status quo of team cooperation, capture the emotional world of teams and propose concrete improvement actions. With little time and cost, Teampact reveals how the team is really doing, shows changes in the working atmosphere and so serves as an early warning system. This increases employee loyalty and commitment and promotes self-development in the team.

Working together on team development has a tremendously positive impact on employee engagement. And studies* show that higher engagement brings significant business benefits:

productivity and
Profit growth

The software solution for high-performance
and satisfied teams

Haufe Teampact

The Functions


Team Data Collection

In just 90 seconds a week, each team member answers scientifically validated questions. In this way, teams gain deep insights into their performance, satisfaction and engagement. It's easy to integrate into any daily work routine!


Team Data Evaluation

Answering the questions weekly enables teams to track team development in a data-based way, in addition to an "as-is" status. Through the development trends, better decisions can be made and sustainable growth ensured.


Team Analysis

The 12 factors enable and encourage deeper reflection on collaboration and open up discussion that would not otherwise take place. Teampact identifies the areas where there is potential for improvement.


Developing Team Potential

Concrete development measures called "Actions" support teams in addressing the areas where they want to improve. Detailed guidance walks teams through the preparation and implementation of an improvement action.


Organisation Dashboard

The organisational dashboard, the so-called "Team of Teams", presents the development of all teams in the company in a transparent way. This makes it possible to recognise the systemic challenges for agile coaches or personnel developers. Improvements can be initiated in a more targeted way and their effectiveness can then be better understood. The anonymous presentation offers benchmarking for this purpose, in which trust and psychological security within the individual teams continue to be maintained.

More Information


The Heatmap in the organisational dashboard "Team of Teams" supports managers, agile coaches or HR developers to easily analyse entire organisations and identify potential for improvement in the collaboration of teams. Self-explanatory colour coding supports the comparison of groups within the organisation. The groups can be created individually (e.g., by division or by country), but must be made up of at least two teams to allow the groups a protected space.

Team development software and consulting - all from a single source

Haufe Talent supports companies in introducing the right mindset and integrating team development sustainably and effectively into everyday team and business life.

In addition to classic software implementation, the packages offer comprehensive support for the introduction of Teampact into the organisation.

Advice in Advance
The team development software should deliver sustainable added value for teams and organisations. Still unsure whether your organisation is ready for it? We can help you find out in an individual preliminary discussion.
Status analysis - What are you looking for? What are your expectations? What are you currently using in the organisation on the topic of team development?
Goal clarity - What do you want to achieve?
Haufe Teampact
To achieve the best possible success, the following services are included in the standard licence price:
Teampact Software User Licence (quantity as required)
Project Management (Kick-off, regular Check-in-Calls, Project Conclusion)
Annual Performance Assessment in the form of the Rhythmix Growth Check and recommendations for action
Workshop: Successfully Introducing Teampact (Onboarding)
Technical Set-Up etc. (SSO, Mircosoft Teams Interface)
Additional Offers
We provide comprehensive support for sustainable implementation on request. The additional offers at a glance:
Package 1: Team coach - support in using Teampact and establishing a team development process
Package 2: The path to a suitable organisational development process
Your request isn't covered? Feel free to contact us.

Current topics and contributions

Compelling insights into best practices, helpful white papers and topical articles on the topics of collaboration, team development and team performance.

The highest standards for your company

Enterprise ready
We ensure that data remains secure and confidential at all times. Our data protection agreement covers the most important parameters for use by both small and large customers.
Single Sign-On
Our secure Single Sign-On (SSO) offers even greater security and convenience when logging in. Alternatively, and additionally, access via data import is also available.
Hosting in Europa
Our software and the corresponding data are hosted in Germany. Our partner companies process the data within the European Union.
Cloud-based software solution
Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution can be used conveniently via a browser. This enables us to offer fast implementation and high availability.
Our experts in the Customer Support Team will help you with questions and problems at any time by phone or e-mail.

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