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Increase team performance, satisfaction and engagement and identify systematic challenges on the organisational level.

Transparent team and organizational development from a single source

Teampact makes it possible to record the status quo of team collaboration, capture the emotional world of teams and suggest concrete improvement actions. With little time and cost, Teampact reveals how the team is really doing, shows changes in the working atmosphere and serves as an early warning system. This increases employee loyalty and commitment and promotes self-development in the team.

Team Development

How software helps you achieve peak performance in just three steps

Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Increase team performance with minimal effort

In just 90 seconds a week, each team member answers scientifically validated questions. This way, teams gain deep insights into their performance, satisfaction and engagement. Easily integrated into any workday!

Team development Dashboard: Find out how the team is doing

Answering the questions weekly allows teams to track team development in a data-driven way, in addition to an as-is status. Development trends can be used to make better decisions and ensure sustainable growth.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Making team problems and potential for improvement visible in a data-based manner

The 12 factors enable and encourage deeper reflection on collaboration and open up discussions that would not otherwise take place. Teampact identifies the areas where there is potential for improvement.

Solve team problems methodically

Concrete improvement actions help teams address the areas where they want to improve. Detailed guidance leads teams through the preparation and execution of an improvement action.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Use software to make organizational development both with and for teams more purposeful

Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Team of Teams Dashboard

"Team of Teams" refers to the level at which multiple teams and enablers, such as agile coaches or Human Resource developers, have the opportunity to make their environment with and for teams more focused, holistic, and dynamic. When a systematic problem is identified, the goal is to solve it so that teams can continue to perform at their best.
The "Team of Teams" dashboard is designed precisely to solve this problem, as it makes the development of all teams in the company transparent. This makes it possible to identify systemic challenges, such as those relating to goal clarity or communication. Improvements can then be initiated in a more targeted manner and their degree of success can be more effectively tracked. The anonymous presentation provides benchmarking for this purpose, in which the trust and psychological security within the individual teams is still maintained.
  • Teams can better rank themselves in comparison to other teams with regard to the various factors. Other teams are represented anonymously in order to continue to ensure trust within teams. Team leads and agile coaches benefit from more consistent comparability. This helps to identify cross-team challenges and further supports solving them together. Improvements in collaboration can then be better understood in terms of their efficacy.
  • For the first time, managers and HR get a standardized and scientifically validated overview of how individual teams work together. This view creates a new understanding of the soft factors and effectiveness of team development and improvement of systemic challenges.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

The right package for high-performing teams and organizations


The fastest and easiest solution to get started using Teampact for one team.
  • Scientific Teampact model with the 12 factors for successful teamwork
  • Access to a wide range of improvement actions

Teampact Enterprise

Scale team development in your organization and make use of the full functionality of Teampact for multiple teams.
On top:
  • All benefits of Teampact
  • Team of Teams Dashboard
  • Single Sign-On integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Premium customer support
  • Technical onboarding


Teampact Enterprise

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To improve and shape collaboration in a single team - without bureaucracy, get started now, try it and reap the benefits!
Strengthen all the teams within your company or department, shape (hybrid) collaboration across teams and structure team performance systematically, in a data-driven way.

Survey & analysis dashboard

Library of improvement actions

Um die Zusammenarbeit in einem einzelnem Team zu verbessern und formen - ohne Bürokratie, jetzt direkt loslegen, ausprobieren und profitieren!
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Umfrage & Auswertungs-Dashboard


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Team of Teams Dashboard

Microsoft Teams Integration

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Stärke alle Teams innerhalb deines Unternehmens oder deiner Abteilung, gestalte die (hybride) Zusammenarbeit teamübergreifend und strukturiere die Team Performance systematisch und datenbasiert.
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Umfrage & Auswertungs-Dashboard


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Team of Teams Dashboard

Microsoft Teams Integration

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Team development and science interconnected

Behind the software is a concept with 12 scientifically validated factors for successful teamwork. The factors are based on over 100 scientific studies and the cooperation with the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT). Measurement of these factors with regular examination supports sustainable team development.


The team members are highly committed to their goals, perform their tasks in a dutiful manner, hold each other accountable.


Successful communication is a process in which relevant information is shared accurately, directly, openly and promptly with the relevant team members. Within an open and healthy communication culture, conflicts can be addressed and resolved constructively.

Goal Clarity

The team knows and understands its goals and tasks and is informed about their current status.  This enables the team to work goal-oriented and to prioritize in an appropriate manner.

Mutual Support

The willingness and ability of the team members to support each other in fulfilling their tasks, to distribute the workload equally and to stand up for each other. The team members value each other as individuals and each other's contribution to the success of the team.


Occurs when the team members are intrinsically motivated and perform their tasks and activities with a lot of joy and energy. A creative atmosphere prevails in the team in which the team members contribute new ideas and master challenging tasks together.

Role Clarity

Team members have clear roles with defined boundaries which helps them to master their tasks. They understand the individual and shared responsibilities of all members.

Skills & Competencies

The team has the appropriate complementary skills and competencies to perform work functions and complex activities in a flexible and seamless manner. The team members strive to improve their skills and competencies.

Team Autonomy

A team is autonomous when it is able to take decisions without external influence with regards to specific work functions, projects or tasks. It has the freedom to choose the most appropriate approach to fulfil their tasks.

Team Impact

The team fundamentally believes that the work they do matters, creates change and has an impact on the success of the organization.

Team Learning

The team members' ability to give and receive feedback in a protected environment. It also includes gaining experience, seeking different perspectives and reflecting to continuously adapt and grow as a team.

Team Purpose

Describes the "why" of a team and it provides a sense of connection and meaning. It is the reason why people want to work together and are highly committed and motivated to achieve a shared goal.


Provides a sense of security and allows team members to be transparent and share knowledge. When the level of trust is high, team members feel safe to contribute new ideas, to stand up for their opinions, to be open about uncertainties as well as to address difficult issues.

Teampact advantages

What makes Teampact special?

Data collection on team collaboration
Promotes continuous development in teams
Survey, analysis and improvement actions in one tool
Increases performance and satisfaction in teams
Triggers in-depth, collaborative team reflections
Improves the feedback culture in organizations
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