The Team Performance Software from Haufe

Increase team performance, satisfaction and engagement and identify systematic challenges at the organizational level with our Team Performance Tool.

The Team Performance Tool for your organization

The Team Performance Software makes it possible to record the status quo of team collaboration, capture "the emotional world" of teams and to suggest concrete improvement actions. With minimal time and cost, the team performance tool Teampact reveals how the team is really doing, shows changes in the working atmosphere and serves as an early warning system. This increases employee loyalty and commitment and promotes self-development within the team.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

How Team Performance Software helps you achieve peak performance in just three steps

Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Increase team performance with minimal effort

In just 90 seconds a week, each team member answers scientifically validated questions. This way, teams gain deep insights into their performance, satisfaction and engagement. Easily integrated into any workday!

Team Performance Dashboard: Find out how the team is doing.

Answering the questions weekly allows teams to track team development in a data-driven way, in addition to an as-is status. Development trends can be used to make better decisions and ensure sustainable growth.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Making team problems and potential for improvement visible in a data-based manner

The 12 factors enable and encourage deeper reflection on collaboration and open up discussions that would not otherwise take place. Teampact identifies the areas where there is potential for improvement.

Solve team problems methodically

Concrete improvement actions help teams address the areas where they want to improve. Detailed guidance leads teams through the preparation and execution of an improvement action.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Use Team Performance Software to make organizational development both with and for teams more purposeful

Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Team of Teams Dashboard

"Team of Teams" refers to the level at which multiple teams and enablers, such as agile coaches or Human Resource developers, have the opportunity to make their environment with and for teams more focused, holistic, and dynamic. When a systematic problem is identified, the goal is to solve it so that teams can continue to perform at their best.
The "Team of Teams" dashboard is designed precisely to solve this problem, as it makes the development of all teams in the company transparent. This makes it possible to identify systemic challenges, such as those relating to goal clarity or communication. Improvements can then be initiated in a more targeted manner and their degree of success can be more effectively tracked. The anonymous presentation provides benchmarking for this purpose, in which the trust and psychological security within the individual teams is still maintained.
The advantages at a glance
  • Teams can better rank themselves in comparison to other teams with regard to the various factors. Other teams are represented anonymously in order to continue to ensure trust within teams. Team leads and agile coaches benefit from more consistent comparability. This helps to identify cross-team challenges and further supports solving them together. Improvements in collaboration can then be better understood in terms of their efficacy.
  • For the first time, managers and HR get a standardized and scientifically validated overview of how individual teams work together. This view creates a new understanding of the soft factors and effectiveness of team development and improvement of systemic challenges.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Data security is important to us

  • Cloud-based software solution

    Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution can be conveniently used via a browser. This allows us to offer fast implementation and high availability.
  • Hosting in Europe

    Our software and the associated data are hosted in Germany. Our partner companies process data within the European Union.
  • Data anonymity

    The data you can view within Teampact is anonymous. This means that it cannot be traced who gave which answer. In addition, no one who is not part of the team can see the data. Therefore, even in the Team of Teams dashboard, details about individual teams (team name and state) are only visible to team members.
  • Single Sign-On

    Our secure Single Sign-On (SSO) offers an even higher level of security and convenience for login. Alternatively, users can be created and managed via data import.
  • Data protection

    We make sure your data remains secure and confidential at all times. Our privacy agreement covers the most important parameters for use by both small and large customers.

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