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Create more focus, alignment and transparency across your organisation with Haufe OKR.
Haufe OKR Software

Significantly boost self-organisation within your company with OKR

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a framework that facilitates the implementation of the company's strategic goals and links them to team goals. This enables employees to develop a better understanding of the company's strategy and see how their actions directly contribute to the company's overall success. As a result, employees are demonstrably more engaged and motivated. Through OKR, managers get an overview of the current status and progress of the company's strategic goals and see which team goals are being planned to correspond to them.

Scientific studies show that OKR users have advantages:

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of OKR users understand the corporate vision
(vs. 50.6% of non-OKR users).
60% of OKR users have a firm grasp of the company's strategy
(vs. 37.4% of non-OKR users).
61.8% of OKR users actively take responsibility for their own actions
(vs. 38.8% of OKR non-users)
78% of OKR users are satisfied with their current employment
(vs. 65% of OKR non-users)
83% of respondents said they would recommend the OKR framework as a goal-setting method
OKR Benchmark Study 2022, conducted by Haufe and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

What the Haufe OKR software offers

Single, central source of truth: NO document searches, NO chaos with storage locations or versions
Increased integration into the daily work-routine through regular notifications
Promotion of cross-team collaboration through comment function
Clear presentation and ease of use facilitates scalability
Simple linking of horizontal and vertical goal dependencies
View historical data simply
A user experience that is fun!
HAUFE OKR software

What sets it apart

The Haufe OKR software solution simplifies and streamlines the OKR process. The OKR Tool also shows dependencies between objectives and key results and thus promotes transparency and alignment throughout the company.

Experience shows: for the successful and sustainable implementation of strategy, the integration of OKR into the daily work-routine of teams and employees is indispensable. The Haufe OKR software enables exactly that, as it not only provides information, but also enables real collaboration with the help of targeted functions.

HAUFE OKR software

The OKR tool for maximum transparency in the OKR process

HAUFE OKR software

The Functions

OKR Function 1

Determine Corporate Goals

Corporate goals (MOALs) are presented transparently by the OKR software and so made easily accessible to teams. This is the basis for the definition of team goals or team objectives. Employees can evaluate the significance of company goals and provide feedback.

OKR Function 2

Make the organisational & team structures transparent

The Haufe OKR software provides an overview of all objectives and key results that are created and tracked by the different teams and organisational areas. Thanks to corresponding filter functions, it is possible to search for teams, groups, departments and many more criteria.

OKR Function 3

Simply create objectives and key results

The Haufe OKR software enables the documentation of objectives and key results at an organisational and a team level. In addition to the company goals, all related OKR team goals are also visible to everyone.

OKR Function 5

Promote cooperation in the team

The tool-based feedback options promote collaboration within the team. In joint OKR meetings or on the team's own initiative, confidence in the achievement of goals can be gathered and developments can be commented on. For efficient agreements and coordination, all in one central place.

OKR Function 6

Progress & evaluations

Progress and confidence in achieving the target are transparent for anyone to see at any time, so that measures to increase the target can be identified at an early stage.

More information

OKR software and consulting - everything from a single source

Haufe Talent supports companies in introducing the right mindset and integrating the principles and processes of OKR sustainably and effectively into everyday company and team life.

Everything for successful OKR software utilisation
Haufe OKR software with a full range of functions
Project Management
Technical implementation
Software Training
Measure the success of OKR implementation
Everything regarding the successful introduction of the OKR framework
The majority of companies fail to implement OKR. Why? Good software implementation alone does not lead companies to success. Haufe Talent supports organisations in adapting and implementing the OKR framework to their organisational structure.

Possible additional services:
Framework design and implementation
Facilitation of team OKR workshops
Moderation of overarching OKR reflections

The highest standards for your company

Enterprise ready
We ensure that data remains secure and confidential at all times. Our data protection agreement covers the most important parameters for use by both small and large customers.
Single Sign-On
Our secure Single Sign-On (SSO) offers even greater security and convenience when logging in. Alternatively, and additionally, access via data import is also available.
Hosting in Europe
Our software and the corresponding data are hosted in Germany. Our partner companies process the data within the European Union.
Cloud-based Software Solution
Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution can be used conveniently via a browser. This enables us to offer fast implementation and high availability.
Our experts in the Customer Support Team will help you with questions and problems at any time by phone or e-mail.

OKR software only works in satisfied teams

The Haufe team development software supports teams in taking the right steps to increase performance, satisfaction and commitment.

Satisfied teams as the basis for performance-oriented use of the OKR software.

OKR Software funktioniert nur in zufriedenen Teams
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