OKR Tool for Strategy Mobilization

Create more focus, alignment and transparency throughout the organization by using the OKR tool
Haufe OKR

Why OKR software

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a framework for operationalizing strategic business objectives and linking them to team goals. As a result, employees develop abetter understanding of the company's strategy and see how they contribute to the company's overall success. Employees are more engaged and motivated. Through OKR, managers get an overview of where the strategic corporate goals stand and which team goals are being planned for them.

The Haufe OKR software solution helps simplify and standardize the OKR process. Our software shows dependencies and promotes transparency and alignment throughout the company. For successful and sustainable implementation of a strategy, the integration of OKR into the daily routine of teams and employees is vital. It is not only important to provide information but also to allow real collaboration to take place.

Which companies are using OKR software

By using Haufe OKR, processes are standardized and digitalized, and the software provides a single source of truth for the Objectives & Key Results of all teams. The Haufe OKR software solution is particularly recommended forcompanies that already use the OKR framework, have gained initial experience and are now looking for a software solution. OKR supports the business transformation into amore agile and thus more sustainable company.

Haufe OKR

The OKR software for maximum goal achievement and cross-team collaboration

Transferring strategic corporate goals into the daily routine of teams

Organizational goals set a company's strategic objectives for a year. They link vision and short-term team goals and provide guidance for setting OKR at the team level.

Identifying dependencies and fostering collaboration

The ability to identify goal dependencies across teams supports team collaboration on common goals.

Promotion of the communication culture

Through our tool-supported feedback option, we create space to question strategic goals or OKR across teams and resolve ambiguities. For efficient agreements and coordination in one central place.

Keeping an eye on OKR and its progress

By regularly measuring the progress of target achievement, measures for target enhancement can be derived at an early stage.

Leading OKR to success together

The majority of companies fail to implement OKR. Why? Good software implementation alone doesn’t lead companies to success. OKR represents transparency, collaboration and communication

Haufe OKR supports companies in introducing the right mindset and in integrating the principles and processes of OKR sustainably and effectively into everyday team and business life.

Project Management

Haufe supports the implementation of the software to create the right environment and culture for the OKR framework.

Enablement Phase

Haufe enables companies to manage the OKR framework in the long term without external help. Our train-the-trainer concept helps to build the necessary expertise within your own company.

OKR Cycle

Haufe supports the implementation of OKR cycles, shows playful approaches to the design of rituals and gives tips for the definition of objectives and key results.

Success Engineering

Haufe Success Engineering makes the success of OKR implementation measurable. Core elements are success measurements that build on each other (qualitatively and quantitatively) with the derivation of meaningful data for stakeholders and the entire organization.

Advantages of an OKR Enterprise Platform


Be able to react faster to changes and continuously learn through quarterly planning processes.

Clarity & transparency

Finally make the enterprise strategy accessible and approachable to everyone.


Focus on the essentials through Haufe OKR and finally prioritize.

Collaboration & Alignment

Haufe OKR offers a platform for active collaboration that positively influences alignment.

Haufe OKR

Our approach is not just to introduce the software, but to empower companies to work effectively and sustainably with OKR. The streamlined and intuitive software is fun to use.

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