Successful teams through clear focus and continuous development

Increase business success through empowered and high-performing teams using OKR and team development.
Solutions from Haufe Teampact

Creating a transparent and collaborative organization

Companies are fit for the future if they are made up of teams that manage themselves efficiently, take responsibility and respond to challenges with agility. It is teams that ultimately implement corporate strategies. But how do they still manage to focus on the essentials in a dynamic, complex and hybrid world of work? A new type of performance management combines hard and soft factors and exposes a holistic view of the company.


Team development

Regular measurement of the 12 factors of successful teamwork, and so creating a healthy team structure and increasing psychological security

For greater performance, satisfaction and commitment


Objective & Key Results

Maximize goal achievement and create space for collaboration across teams through the use of OKR

For more transparency, alignment and orientation


Involve the entire organization in strategy implementation

Employees, for the most part, don’t necessarily know or understand an organization's strategy. With the OKR framework, the long-term vision and strategy of the organization becomes tangible, actionable and interconnected with team goals. With Haufe OKR, deeply anchor the OKR principles and processes in the company to achieve sustainable success and genuine added value.

Corporate strategy integrate into the everyday lives of employees

Create transparency and alignment between teams

Promote a culture of feedback and communication within the organization

Recognize and respond to changes and obstacles at an early stage

Haufe Teampact

Transparent team and organizational development from a single source

Improved team development with Haufe Teampact

Teampact measures the 12 most important factors for successful teamwork on a weekly basis and makes their development visible. This way, difficult issues can be addressed, understood and resolved in a safe framework. A collection of improvement actions also supports the team in taking the right steps to improve performance, satisfaction and engagement.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Improve organisational development sustainably with Haufe Teampact

Teampact brings teams in organizations together: Our Team of Teams Dashboard makes the development journey of all teams in the organization visible. The challenges experienced by all teams within an organization are then identified in one place. Improvements can be more targeted and their effectiveness better understood at the organizational level, through the Team of Teams Dashboard. The anonymous presentation allows for benchmarking where trust within teams is still ensured.

The advantages at a glance

Unique interaction of performance aspects

Our solutions combine hard and soft performance factors.

Team-centric approach

Teams are the power cells of successful organizations. Innovation and performance grow within them. We help teams work well together and focus on what matters most.

Cloud-based software solution

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can be conveniently accessed through a browser. As a result, we offer fast implementation and high availability.

Hosting in Europe

Our software solutions and the associated data are hosted in Germany. Our partner companies process the data within the European Union.

100% DSGVO compliant

Our software solutions meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).