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Create the best foundations for high-performing, resilient and psychologically secure teams within your organization.
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Become a psychologically sound organization with Teampact

Teams are the power cells of successful organizations. Innovation and performance are cultivated within them, so it pays to provide them with the best foundations. Targeted work on team performance and the pursuit of high-performing teams is a high priority in companies. Additionally, hybrid working is taking on an increasingly important role. So, it is essential to deal with the factors of successful collaboration and to guarantee a healthy team structure in order to counteract higher workloads, remote working and the associated mental stresses, at an early stage.
Our Solution

Transparent team and organizational development from a single source

Improve team development in a targeted manner with Teampact

Teampact measures the 12 most important factors for successful teamwork on a weekly basis and makes their development visible. This way, difficult issues can be addressed, understood and resolved in a safe framework. A collection of improvement actions also supports the team in taking the right steps to improve performance, satisfaction and engagement.
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Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe
Team Performance Software Teampact von Haufe

Improve organizational development sustainably with Teampact

Teampact brings teams in organizations together: Our Team of Teams Dashboard makes the development journey of all teams in the organization visible. The challenges experienced by all teams within an organization are then identified in one place. Improvements can be more targeted and their effectiveness better understood at the organizational level, through the Team of Teams Dashboard. The anonymous presentation allows for benchmarking where trust within teams is still ensured.
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Teampact advantages

What makes Teampact special?

Data collection on team collaboration
Survey, analysis and improvement actions in one tool
Triggers in-depth, collaborative team reflections
Promotes continuous development in teams
Increases performance and satisfaction in teams
Improves the feedback culture in organizations
Teampact users

Convinced voices on Teampact

“ The way Teampact helps teams understand themselves strikes a great balance between a sound scientific foundation and practical everyday usefulness.”
Prof. Dr. Patrick Müller
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
"With its rhythm of raising relevant questions to the team and its well-laid out visual representation of results, Teampact directed our team discussion to important topics and themes that weren't apparent to us initially. That being said it opened our eyes to undiscovered potential within the team and at the same time offered some guidance on how to approach it.”
Tobias Schmuchal
Head of Software Development
Experian DACH, IT Project Delivery
“ Teampact has helped us by shedding light on multiple team factors. As a large and distributed team, Teampact has supported us in continuously improving the quality of our collaboration and ensuring that all opinions are fairly expressed.”
Maren Hölscher
Scrum Master
Experian DACH, IT Project Delivery
“ Teampact has shown us, in a playful yet unsparingly honest way, what we need to work on as a team. The possibility to look at improvement methods directly in the tool saved time and valuable resources. Using Teampact is simple and is extremely lightweight. Team members invest a mere 90 seconds a week - a conversation never provides that degree of insight in so short a time.”
Benjamin Alther
Scrum Master
Visana Services AG